Bottling and Canning production solutions for Craft Beers, Ciders, Spirits & Wines

At Makro we have the philosophy that "one size DOES NOT fit all" because all businesses have their own unique and distinct needs. For small scale production of any craft beverage we have the equipment to process, fill, label and pack your precious product with the care it deserves.

We have the capability of supplying semi-automatic to fully automated lines, from start to finish, including all conveyors, controls, installation, commissioning and training. All backed up by our experienced UK based Service Team.

Beers / Sparkling Wines


Low level model machines for Glass including single liner feed to conveyors.
High level machines for cans including twist can cleaning feed to filler/seamer.

Bottle Labeller for Glass and PET

Beer: Body and back self-adhesive labels, complete wrap around, or single body labels.
Wine: Self-adhesive body, back and neck labels, tax strip, base or optical spotting.

Can Labeller

Pre-printed cans suppliers require a minimum order volume that is often too great for the craft owners to stock. Our range of Can Labellers apply self-adhesive wraparound labels giving you the chance to tap into the craft can beer market.

Automated Bottle Filler

Models to fill carbonated beverages, complete with carbonation equipment to mix the CO2 gas to a correct consistent percentage.

Packing Station

Complete with slat chain bottle conveyor section and packing off platform. Including roller gravity conveyor for cardboard boxes at lower level for case stacking.

Case Sealer

For sealing by tape top and bottom or top only with own roller gravity push through conveyor.

Spirits / Still Wines

Bottle Rinser

Stainless steel air, water or product rinser with recycling system.

Semi-Automatic Bottle Filler

Simple to operate bottle filler, just connect compressed air and supply product to the machine tank.

Automated Capping

Compact capper for single head capping of ROPP, Pre-Threaded or T Corks.

Bottle Labeller for Glass and PET

Application of self-adhesive body, back and neck labels, tax strip with base or optical spotting. With optional feed and shrink application for capsules.

Rotary Accumulation Table

Stainless steel feed and collection tables with conveyor drives to allow for intermediate accumulation between operator stations.

Case Sealer

For sealing by tape top and bottom or top only with own roller gravity push through conveyor.

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