Comprehensive Labelling Solutions for all types of bottles and containers

Makro's flexible labelling machines are the ideal answer to your labelling needs. With established installations within the beverage, food, home, personal and household care we offer the most suitable machine to label your products precisely and efficiently.

Our modular systems can label glass or plastic with speeds ranging from 1,000 - 50,000 bph. Self-adhesive, hot melt, roll-fed, wet glue or wraparound labels can be applied to body, back, neck and our modular approach allows labelling stations to be changed to suit your production line.

Makro's "Plug and Play" labelling group allows any combination of label applications for complete flexibility.

Makro Mak 01 Labeller

Entry-level labelling machine for self-adhesive, hot melt or wet glue.

Makro Mak 2 Labeller

Hot melt labeller for wraparound applications which can be fitted with self-adhesive or wet glue partial label applicator.

Makro Mak 3 Labeller

High speed, self-adhesive labeller allowing continuous, non-stop operation for body, back, neck and promotional medallion applications.

Makro Mak 7 Labeller

Large carousel, self-adhesive labeller reaching speeds up-to 50,000 bph and can be configured for multiple applications. Optional visual monitoring system and Makro's "Follower" technology for optical orientation.

Makro Mak LINE Labeller

Linear roll-fed, wraparound or self-adhesive, high performance labeller allowing up to three label applications per container.

Makro Mak RLF Roll Feed Labeller

Rotary labeller with speeds from 6,000 - 40,000 bph for applying roll feed labels to PET bottles, can also label empty PET bottles.

The full range of Makro labelling machines are available at: