Makro supply their largest UK labeller to Scotland

One of the foremost independent Scotch Whisky producers, with leading brands in both the Blended and Malt sector, has entrusted Makro Labelling with an order as part of a new Super Bloc into an existing line.

The Mak-7 machine, the largest Makro labeller to date in the UK, has 8 labelling stations applying self-adhesive labels with tandem 'non-stop' neck, body and back labelling, complete with two further labelling stations that apply a medallion label onto the shoulder of the bottle.

Richard Portman, Managing Director, of Makro Labelling UK said, "This prestigious order from one of the leading companies in the Scotch Whisky sector is a great feather in our cap. Some of the brands we are now labelling have very complex label applications, the tolerances requested were +/- 1mm, which I am delighted to say we are achieving. The specification also called for a number of interesting bottle shapes as one would expect in the premium spirit sector."

Richard continued, "This adds to the number of orders we have received in Scotland. This year will be a record year in the exciting spirit category, having now broken in to the big three in Scotland we are expecting further orders in the coming months. This order is a clear example that it was the very tight tolerances on label application that convinced the client that we would be a reliable partner on this project."