Makro Labelling UK at BeerX

The March BeerX exhibition in Liverpool will be the first time that Makro Labelling have attended the event with their new agencies, ideal for those in the Craft Beer market who are looking to either install bottling or canning facilities for the first time or upgrade their existing production lines.

Richard Portman, Managing Director of Makro Labelling UK said, "I have spent some time in Italy sourcing some really excellent equipment for the Craft Beer and Spirit markets. After many discussions with UK producers it has become very clear that potential customers want high quality slower speed equipment. For filling we have been appointed the exclusive UK and Ireland agents for Eurostar, who offer a wonderful range of filling equipment for both glass bottles and cans. The bottle fillers are designed from 1000 to 24,000 b.p.h and the can fillers from 1500 to 3,000 c.p.h. Now in their 20th year Eurostar have gained a great reputation around the world for their high-quality equipment. With a resurgence in can filling for micro brewers I can see a great future for this equipment."

"Even though can suppliers in Europe, with new digital printing techniques, can offer lower volume production runs to customers for empty can supply, this still requires too large of an order for cans for some micro-brewery customers," continued Richard, "so we have a labelling solution for the Craft market that want high end label applications for lower speeds using the STS range of in-line self-adhesive labellers for empty can decoration."

"STS can also offer linear type bottle labelling equipment which is capable of accurately applying up to three labels, typically body, back and neck self-adhesive labels, STS can also offer an integrated capsule dispenser for those who want to include a foil capsule on their bottles."

"For clients who want higher labelling speeds we can of course offer our Makro range of labellers coupled with a Nortan capsule applicator. We have already upgraded some of the slower in-line labellers for a faster Makro unit when sales require a higher output," Richard said.

"Furthermore, with all the discussions about the use of plastics in beverage packaging at present, for secondary packaging, Makro has also been appointed the UK and Ireland agent for Mas Pack, who produce a range of automatic carton erector, carton loaders and sealers which are ideal for the Craft Beer market." Richard said, "The Craft market is very conscious of all environmental issues, so to be able to present their beers in a corrugated case which is fully recyclable really does tick all the boxes for them. The box is safe and secure during transit so ensuring the filled bottles arrive in good condition."

BeerX will be an excellent event to showcase these latest developments to a burgeoning Craft Beer market.