Contract Bottlers Glasgow order Craft Spirit line from Makro

One of the latest contract bottling ventures in Scotland has been established by Ron Young and Adrian Louden. Contract Bottlers Glasgow will be handling a range of Craft Gins, Premium Cask Whisky and Liqueurs. The premises for the new venture have been secured and a Craft Spirit line has been ordered from Makro Labelling UK, the line will be delivered in mid-May.

Richard Portman, Managing Director of Makro Labelling UK said, "I have known Ron Young for some time now, going back to when he was at H & A Prestige Bottling, so when I got the call that he, along with Adrian, were setting up this exciting new venture, I was delighted to get the opportunity to be involved in the new project by supplying one of our Craft Spirit lines. The new company will not only handle Artisan spirit brands but also the Premium Cask Whiskies, where a single cask’s volume is too small to put down the high-speed lines of the major brand owners."

Richard continued, "By working closely with our Italian machine supply partners we have assembled a standard Craft Spirit line that we have installed at several craft spirit bottlers in the UK, comprising a semi-automatic rinser, vacuum filler, conveyors, dual purpose ROPP capper / T corker, STS combined capsule applicator and self-adhesive labeller, hand packing station, case sealer and pallet wrapper. All the lines that we have installed in the UK have worked extremely well, with the ROI being very quick for the user. The success of the Craft line installations has already led to one customer wanting to upgrade to a fully automatic line."