Latest developments from Makro Labelling at Drinktec

Makro Labelling are taking their largest stand at Drinktec next week and on show will be a number of machines covering wine, soft drinks, water and spirits together with a brand-new labelling concept.

The largest machine on show is a Mak-5 labeller with vision control, 24 platforms, two cold glue labelling stations and three self-adhesive stations. It incorporates Makro’s patented 'Follower' optical orientation system and their 'Alice' vision control system for label position and correct label verification. This is a rather special order as the client is a major Italian Winery who were Makro's first client back in 2009.

Spirit bottlers will appreciate the Mak-2, 9 platform unit, which will apply both cold glue and hot melt pre-cut labels. This machine is destined for a spirit bottler in Russia.

A mineral water client in Tunisia will take delivery, after the show, of a Mak-1 Roll Feed wraparound labeller with 12 platforms.

A brand-new development will also be unveiled at the show. A labeller, under the name of 'Leap', has been developed in true Makro style as a machine designed with you in mind. It is being created with total flexibility - as your business grows the labeller can be upgraded to double in capacity without having to purchase a new machine. The type of label being used can be changed at any time, it is a unique future proof labelling system.

A visit to Hall B5 to see the latest from Makro Labelling will be a very worthwhile visit.