Halewood International with Makro Labelling

The investment by Halewood Wines & Spirits continues as they upgrade their lines to cope with ever increasing volumes, which has resulted in multiple machine orders for items of equipment sourced through Makro Labelling UK.

Richard Portman, Managing Director of Makro Labelling UK said, "Halewood and their group of companies are now Makro Labelling's largest global customer for number of machine installations. These latest orders are for the upgrades of Line 7 and Line 8 at Halewood Wines & Spirits factory in Huyton, Liverpool.

The Line 7 order at Huyton is for a 6-station self-adhesive labeller applying body, back and neck labels at a speed of 300 b.p.m., where bottles are labelled before filling. In addition, Halewood have ordered a monobloc Bertolaso champagne corker/ Nortan wirehood applicator and a further Nortan heat shrink capsuler. This line upgrade is for the Lambrini range, fully sparkling champagne type products and some special products such as Bucks Fizz. All the machines are due for installation in January.

As part of the same order, Halewood have ordered an identical 6-station labeller for line 8, to replace an ageing self-adhesive labeller that had become unreliable and very maintenance intensive. The change parts for the two labellers from lines 7 & 8 will be completely interchangeable, which will save money on extra change parts and give Halewood production flexibility."

Richard continued, "H & A and Halewood were our first customers in the UK when we started the business in 2010. The company have gone on to order many machines from us over the years. They have trusted the Makro quality of engineering and have been very praiseworthy of our after sales and service, which I believe has gone a long way to help us continue with such good business from this customer."