Makro sell Nortan Capsuler to Halewood Wines & Spirits

Halewood Wines & Spirits have been experiencing huge volume growth for their range of Spirits over the past two years. These increases for the premium spirits has resulted in further investment, this time on Line 1 with Halewood having placed an order through Makro Labelling UK for a twin turret Nortan Shrink and Spin Capsuler.

The capsuler will apply either PVC shrink on capsules or foil capsules, with an 8 head turret for the shrink on capsules and a 12 head turret for the foil capsules. Both can be applied at 10,000 b.p.h. The machine will be delivered in October with change parts for 3 different bottle types.

Richard Portman, Managing Director of Makro Labelling UK, said of this latest order at Halewood, "This is now the third Nortan capsuler we have sold to Halewood, the two earlier machines have gone on line really well and the client is very pleased with their performance and the support we give Nortan in the UK through after sales. I have always been impressed with the build quality of the Nortan units, which fit very nicely with the other agency equipment that we are selling to the ever-growing Spirit market in the UK. This order coming in at the end of June has made the first half of 2018 a really remarkable year."