Makro launch New Concept Labelling Machine at Drinktec

Makro have been at the forefront of new labelling technology since the company was founded in 2009. The company has always designed their labelling technology with the customer in mind, fully realising what a customer is doing this year may be different in two years' time. Modularity has always been a key component in their designs.

At Drinktec 2017, Makro will be launching a fully patented, new machine concept that takes machine modularity a step further with some ingenious ideas never seen in a labelling machine before.

Visitors to Stand 312 in Hall B5 will be able to see first-hand the new concept where the machine size and labelling capability can be increased and adapted if a client’s business grows or changes. The machine can have increased container handling speed capability, additional labelling speed capability and / or change of label application type added at a later date after the initial machine has been purchased and installed.

The new Makro labeller is a totally new, clean design with no rotary components. It is energy efficient and wear will be virtually non-existent - a true revolution in labelling technology.