Makro launch checkweigher for craft brewers

Having achieved huge success supplying equipment to the UK craft brewers, Makro Labelling UK have been appointed agents for the Radwag Rotary Checkweigher, which is most suited to can lines that have been put into the craft beer market.

Richard Portman, managing director of Makro Labelling UK said about this latest addition to his machine portfolio, "One of the main issues for the craft brewers using cans is being able to conform to the Average Weight legislation. Currently the only option that has been available is to employ someone to stand at the end of the filling machine, taking off the line 4 cans in every 100, and weighing them, assuming all is OK then putting them back on the line for packing."

Richard continued, "With the Radwag checkweigher, you can install this over an existing conveyor, the unit has a star wheel which takes every can that has been filled and records the production from the filler/seamer. With the introduction of the Radwag checkweigher, craft brewers will now be fully compliant with the average weight legislation as complete documentation can be produced should they get a visit from the weights and measures inspectorate. Priced at around £20k the ROI will be less than a year as craft brewers won't have to have an operative just carrying out weighing duties."

The Radwag units come with a full one-year guarantee, from then on, the Makro after sales and service team will have a comprehensive set of spares to look after any clients.

Richard concluded, "I have been looking for an affordable checkweigher for some time, as the craft brewers embrace cans as an alternative to glass. The need for this equipment has become paramount so that they fully comply with the regulations. The machines are available from stock so installation can be extremely quick."