Shepherd Neame order a new Makro Labeller

Shepherd Neame, the award-winning brewer based in Faversham, Kent, have now installed a new labeller, bottle conveyor and bottle drier, which is part of a major upgrade at the Brewery. All the equipment was supplied by Makro Labelling UK. Shepherd Neame, the family owned independent brewer, place a lot of importance on the appearance of their award-winning beers. This year again they won medals at the BBI Drinks competition held in July, scooping two awards. These beers and cider will grace the Shepherd Neame pubs and retail outlets in the coming months.

At their brewery in Faversham, Shepherd Neame bottle their products on a single production line. With volumes increasing in recent times the company went out to tender to look for an upgrade to the labeller and bottle conveyor. The contract was awarded to Makro Labelling UK, who installed a new 42,000 b.p.h. labeller with a bottle drier in the spring of this year.

Richard Portman, Managing Director of Makro Labelling UK commented, "This order for the MAK-5 40-platform, wet glue, three station labeller will apply body, back and neck labels. The inbuilt flexibility of the Makro MAK-5 means it can label five label formats for a number of bottle sizes, 330ml generic, 330ml Samuel Adams, 500ml Samuel Adams, 500ml Shepherd Neame and 660ml generic bottles. The labeller includes the Makro camera based visual control system, ALICE (Automatic Label Inspection Control Environment). The labeller has been manufactured so that it can easily accommodate six self-adhesive units at a later stage if the company wishes to switch from wet glue to self-adhesive labelling in the future."

Richard continued, "As the main supplier for this part of the line upgrade we also included Colwall Conveyor Systems and a Matrix bottle drier, we have used both of these suppliers on numerous occasions and they have proved to be excellent partners for projects such as this one. The MAK-5 is the fastest wet glue labeller that we have in the Brewing industry in the UK to date. Our Parent Company from Italy have supplied Makro labellers into all the main International Brewery groups around the world."

Richard added, "We were very pleased with the way the project came together, as our clients only have one bottle filling line, therefore we had to ensure there were no delays once the stripping out of the old equipment started. Colwall Conveyor Systems were excellent, removing the two old labellers and conveyors, to then re-configure the line with the new Makro Labeller, Matrix Drier and their own conveyors. The whole job was completed in just a week. As part of the contract a full set of change parts for all of Shepherd Neame’s own brands and co-pack customers were provided. The new line layout has significantly increased available space in the bottling hall."

Mark Bowes, Engineering Manager said, "We are very pleased with the upgrade to our bottling line, we started with an upgrade to the existing Sidel filler, which increased the line speed up to 42,000 b.p.h. on the 330ml bottles. Our old labellers had given good service over the years but were not fast enough. We saw the Makro Labeller at drinktec last year and we are pleased with our choice. Our line engineers also like the new machine, it is easy to operate and set up for different bottle sizes and label configurations is also very easy. Flexibility is key to us with so many different brands going down the line, whether that is our own brands, or an element of co-packing work means time is very precious to us, the line upgrade has undoubtedly increased line efficiency and speed."